About ClientRunner

Our Story: Founded by a Restoration Contractor

Our software product began in 2003 as an internal solution for a successful restoration contractor. Jerry Pennock, ClientRunner’s founder, was looking for job management software to support his restoration-construction company. He was looking for a product that would combine the simple approach of a white board and manila folders with the exponential power of a personal computer.

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After spending tens of thousands of dollars on complicated software solutions and overpriced training, Jerry realized that the product he needed did not exist.

Once he realized that the solution was not available he set about creating his own software tools, and in 2003 ClientRunner was born. During the following years, ClientRunner was shared freely with peers and associates across North America. As a result, Jerry received direct feedback from a continually growing range of users and subject matter experts which was critical in developing a powerfully-simple, fully-integrated, and highly-mobile application, all designed specifically to the industry.

In 2011, ClientRunner was released as a public offering, experiencing remarkable growth through mostly word-of-mouth marketing. Today, ClientRunner has earned a fiercely loyal customer following with record growth in the industry year after year. While there has been tremendous growth in the past 10+ years, ClientRunner has stayed true to the original idea of creating the most simple, powerful and affordable restoration management software on the planet!

The ClientRunner Team