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Analytics drive business strategy and profitability – ClientRunner makes it easy!

ClientRunner restoration management software allows you to customize your own forms and reports to automate the creation of invoices, work authorization forms, satisfaction surveys, first-responder checklists, change requests, certificates of completion, and more. You can also create unique reports that allow you to record and measure just about anything that you would want to.

chart imageClientRunner reports allow you to identify trends within your business

ClientRunner includes over a dozen built-in reports, which are customizable, such as the Income Report, which allows you to see how much revenue has been collect to date during the month, quarter or year. Our Job Financial Report displays the dollar amount of jobs in sales, production, or collections, each broken down by Estimator. Run referral reports quickly and easily to determine how many, how often, and how well your clients’ referrals convert to actual business, information that helps you to determine the best way to spend you marketing time and dollars.

You can also build advanced job lists filtered by specific criteria to create completely customized reports, and export to a spreadsheet.

As each report in ClientRunner was designed by restoration professionals, you know that you are reporting on data specific to the industry. Take advantage of ClientRunner’s superior business intelligence and analytic reporting to drive your business and increase your profitability!

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