Relationship Marketing

Along with being the most Simple, Powerful, and Affordable restoration management software available, ClientRunner continues to offer more of what helps contractors run a successful business, often at no extra cost, such as a robust relationship marketing tool. While there are any number of CRM packages to choose from, ClientRunner’s Marketing CRM was designed and built by contractors, specifically tailored to the disaster restoration industry.

A few of the features included in our Marketing CRM are:

Contact List

It is easy to import your list of contacts using our import feature. Once imported, you can preview and sort contacts by name, type, company and more. You can view all contacts in the database, or refine the list to only display those to which you have been assigned. Users can also filter the list to buckets, or groups, that the contacts have been assigned to.

Managing Contacts and Activities

Managing contacts in ClientRunner’s Marketing CRM couldn’t be any easier! You can enter activities relevant to your marketing efforts, view all jobs that a contact has been assigned to, included the estimate values of each job, view all contacts that are associated with a company in your database, enter contact notes, create To Dos for your contacts,  and more!

Tracking Marketing ROI

Tracking marketing spends and ROI has never been easier! Easily view a contact’s ROI based on the number of jobs and revenue they bring into your company compared to the marketing dollars spent on attracting new business. Make better business decisions and spend your marketing dollars more wisely by knowing the potential of a marketing contact.


Buckets allow users to customize contact groups. You can place contacts into buckets with a defined contact frequency that help manage activity schedules. The system warns you when a contact is about to surpass a predefined frequency of contact, and again warns users once a contact has passed the set frequency, helping you to be more productive in scheduling your marketing efforts.

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