ClientRunner Software Features

It’s not just the features that make software great, but also the benefit to the user. ClientRunner offers a full-featured product for restoration contractors that provides incredible benefit. We are always delivering more powerful features into our users’ hands, all while continuing to provide the easiest software for contractors in the industry.

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Job Management

Feature Description
Job Grid ClientRunner’s one-of-a-kind job grid allows users to easily view each job in their system with ease, with the ability to sort and filter the job list by estimator, production manager, date, status, and more with the click of a button. Users can choose a preferred method of viewing their job list in our Traditional or Enhanced view.
Job Status Indicators At a glance, view which jobs are missing pertinent information based on the job status, how long it’s been since jobs have had an update in the system, and integration statuses for each job, all in one convenient location.
Job WorkSpace Maximize your workflow with all your important job information organized in a logical order and area. We provide much of your primary job information in a WorkSpace where you can review, update and move on without more than a single click, saving you time.
Job WhiteBoard Quickly add, modify or delete information on the fly using our WhiteBoard in the Jobs View or Marketing CRM. You can add reminder notes, damage descriptions, sensitive information (such as garage or door codes) and more. Much like a Whiteboard, you can delete sensitive information after a job is complete, ensuring that no one has lingering access.
Job Notes Many notes are meant to be permanent, lawful records on a job file. Our job notes have been proven time and time again! All notes include the user’s name that entered the note, date, time, and the note text. For security and legal purposes, these notes cannot be altered or deleted at any time.
Financial Notes For higher security and easier financial tracking, you can utilize financial notes separate from job notes.
Job Contacts Associating contacts to a job record is a breeze, and displays basic contact information at a glance, such as their name, phone number(s) and email address.
Job Milestones Add milestones to your job records to help set team goals and to better report on cycle times.
Automated Job ID Generation ClientRunner can automatically generate a Job ID based on a quick pattern generator. Define custom patterns based on date, sequential numeration, randomization, and more. Turn on system alerts when a duplicate Job IDs is created manually by a user.
Daily Event Sheets and Work Orders Give employees all the information they need to successfully complete their job assignments by allowing them to keep track of employee time, vehicle mileage, equipment used, equipment left on site and much more.
Print & Email Easily print or email job summaries, job calendars or job budget data from the WorkSpace.
Templates and Job Forms Build templates for your work Authorization Forms, Job Completion forms, Customer Surveys, etc. with auto-fill options that pull job-related fields from your database. You can build an infinite number of forms built on these templates that automates the entry, saving you time on each job. Additionally, you can capture signatures from the field for convenience and a true paperless process.
Equipment Tracking Easily manage all company equipment from the Equipment Tracking Manager. Specify details, such as managing equipment and types, service dates, equipment amps, and more. Then, use ClientRunner Mobile (or desktop) to track equipment on jobs by placing and removing, marking for cleaning or repair, and more! ClientRunner Mobile makes it easier than ever to manage and track your equipment in real time, with an easy to use interface for technicians and management alike.

Productivity Management

Feature Description
QuickBooks Integration Create a secure and seamless integration with QuickBooks to automate your processes, reduce inaccuracies and eliminate double-entry. When a job is created in ClientRunner, the same job information and the estimate are automatically created in Quickbooks. When that job’s invoices, cost items, and payments are created in Quickbooks, those items are automatically recorded in ClientRunner’s Budget View. With an integration with QuickBooks, you are sure to have the most up-to-date job information in QuickBooks, while all your job costs push back into ClientRunner for real-time job costing.
Google Map Integration Teams heading to the field can effortlessly pull up a Google Map for any job to navigate to the job site, including helpful turn-by-turn directions, all using the powerful Google Integration tool.
Xactimate Integration If you already use Xactimate for building job estimates, you can easily sync estimates into a Job Budget via the Xactimate Integration. Create custom budgets per job, and begin managing your job costing more closely to maximize your profits!
XactAnalysis Integration ClientRunner allows users to seamlessly integrate with XactAnalysis to take advantage the powerful toolsets built by Xactware! By integrating with XactAnalysis, users can easily sync job records, job Milestones, pictures, notes and other related information between ClientRunner and XactAnalysis.
Dri-Plan Integration ClientRunner offers a powerful integration with Dri-Plan, helping users to further benefit from simplest, most affordable water damage toolkit. By integrating with Dri-Plan, users seamlessly sync job records, pictures, notes and more with the click of a button.

Cloud Environment

Feature Description
Cloud-Based Software Not only was ClientRunner the first Restoration Management Software solution to form in the cloud, Clientrunner also uses the most advanced technology and newest development to provide a secure, reliable cloud storage solution for your data. Transferring your job files, documents, calendars and more into the cloud is a big change for many business owners, but the benefits greatly exceed the small amount of time it takes to set up. All your data is accessible at any time, anywhere, on any device. Using one of the most advanced and green data centers in the western United States, we have unparalleled security and uptime, ensuring that you always have access to your data when you need it.
Mobile Access ClientRunner is fully supported by any device that can access the Internet. Whether you choose to use the software with a desktop computer, laptop, tablet (iPad), or smartphone, ClientRunner allows you to access and update the business-critical information whenever necessary.
Cloud File Storage Using our cloud file storage, you can effortlessly upload or drag-and-drop documents, images and more into a customizable Documents dashboard all from your computer or a connected device.

Sales Management

Feature Description
Sales Pipeline Easily manage jobs through a built-in sales pipeline to track the sales process using customizable statuses.
Email Communication Effortlessly send leads and customers budget data, schedules for anticipated work, and more through a simple email interface.
Contract Storage Upload all contract documents into the ClientRunner cloud storage for safekeeping and as a reference as needed through the sales process.

Contact Relationship Manager (CRM)

Feature Description
Marketing CRM ClientRunner offers a one-of-a-kind Marketing CRM designed by restoration contractors in which you can manage all your contacts, contact information, activities, measure ROI (Return on Investment), and more! As a powerful tool included in every subscription, ClientRunner truly is an all-in-one solution for restoration contractors.
Activity Log Enter all your marketing activities per contact in the Activity Log to keep a detailed history.
ROI Measurement By logging activities and logging how much has been invested into contacts through all marketing efforts, you can begin to measure ROI and build more streamlined and effective marketing strategies.
Bucket Management Create buckets (groups) for marketing employees, contact types, locations (city, postal code, region) and more; by adding contacts to buckets, not only do you get a visual representation and reminder to schedule activities based on contact frequencies, but you also set the foundation to building better marketing strategies for your company.
Marketing WhiteBoard Quickly add, modify or delete information on the fly using our WhiteBoard in theMarketing CRM. Place to store information such as hobbies, birthdays, major life events, family names to aide you in recalling important information in your marketing efforts. You can also add reminders, notes, and more.

Schedule Manager

Feature Description
Scheduling Eliminate scheduling conflicts or double entry by scheduling in the cloud, accessible anytime, anywhere! With a modern scheduler, you can view the schedule for the entire company or a job at a time, as well as receive event reminders at custom intervals prior to the scheduled event. With a modern calendar design, scheduling events is very familiar and comfortable.
3rd-Party Calendar Integrations ClientRunner allows users to integrate their ClientRunner Schedule with virtually any 3rd-party Calendar via iCal integration! Whether you use, iCal (apple devices), Google Calendar, Outlook, etc., you can view your ClientRunner Schedule on the Calendar you are most comfortable with.
Drag & Drop ClientRunner’s advanced drag & drop functionality in the schedule view makes for easy rescheduling and lengthening or shortening events.
Scheduling Views View your schedule on a day view, week view, month view, or a timeline view. View your own events, or select a team to view only their events. You can filter the schedule to view all events in a broad perspective of all jobs in the company, or narrow that perspective to only events scheduled for a specific job.
Pending Events Create placeholders in the schedule for pending events that aren’t yet confirmed
Automated Notes Schedule event for jobs, contacts or employees. Automated notes with relative event info are created in the appropriate file documenting the new or updated event.

To Do Lists

Feature Description
To Dos Create To Dos as reminders, associated with jobs, contacts or employees.
To Do Notifications Receive automated To Do email notifications on a regular interval to see what is upcoming or overdue.


Feature Description
Custom Statuses ClientRunner provides default statuses designed for restoration project management. However, should you have the need to create your own, it couldn’t be easier to build your own statuses and manage their groups.
Custom Damage Types Create a list of custom damage types for users to select from when creating and updating job records.
Custom Referral Types Create a list of custom referral types for users to select from when creating and updating job records.
Custom Contact Types Create a list of custom contact types for users to select from when adding contacts to job records, or when managing records in the CRM.
Custom Service Types When creating Estimates or Work Orders, users can create and manage a list of custom service types, or categories, to better organize production processes.
Custom Item Lists When creating Estimates or Work Orders, users can create and manage item lists associated with service types to automate processes and categorize.


Feature Description
All Encompassing Views Find all the information you need quickly with customizable views. You can select a preferred view to display job lists, sort and filter lists, set default views, set a default login page, and so much more.
Reports With two dozen customizable reports, you are sure to have solid analytics to build more sound business strategies and make decisions. Whether you need to view weekly sales reports, referral reports, production reports, ROI reports or others, ClientRunner’s analytic reporting is as good as it gets.
Employee Privileges All employees are different, and sometimes default system access levels aren’t a ‘catch all’. You can define a user access level, and then fine tune that access level by adding or revoking specific privileges tailored to each employee and position.
Employee Management ClientRunner makes it easy to manage employee contact information, define company roles, and track administrative notes or progress reports for employees.
Job Portal The ClientRunner Job Portal allows users to create a custom, secure guest access to preview job information in ClientRunner. Customers, Adjusters, subcontractors and more can benefit from the most up-to-date information on the job record anytime, anywhere! Users have control over which notes, documents and pictures are published for further security.

Budgeting and Job Costing

Feature Description
Budgets In any construction-related project, budgeting is key to making the most our of your margins. ClientRunner offers an intuitive budget tool where you can create custom budget items and add your desired margins per item. While this process can be completed manually, Xactimate users can easily import estimates that auto-populate the fields for you, saving you time!
Expenses While budgeting is important for setting your revenue goals, tracking all job-related expenses is also very key to making higher profits. ClientRunner offers an easy job expense tool where you can create custom cost items, or expenses, based on equipment, material, labor, subcontractor, or other costs.
Job Costing In creating budgets and tracking job expenses, ClientRunner sets you up for detailed daily job costing, helping you to be aware of where you stand financially at any given moment. This real-time approach to job costing helps you to adjust your course well before you find yourself unable to recover from an unanticipated expense.
Unlimited Estimates ClientRunner’s Budget View is a powerful tool to help maximize job profits. With so much customization, it’s easy to tailor each estimate to your needs. Whether you are working a small job with a single estimate, or a much larger loss requiring multiple estimates, it’s easy to manage them individually or as a whole to stay on time, on budget, and on top!

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