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What is Workflow Management Software?

It’s more than just restoration management – it’s a complete solution that pulls together every aspect of your workflow into a simple, powerful software solution that everyone on your team will feel comfortable using.

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A good workflow management solution enables your entire team to streamline operations; from the administrative and management teams in the office to the technicians in the field, your entire team will easily enter critical data into job records and benefit from an all-in-one solution.

ClientRunner is a simple, powerful, feature-rich software application that can simplify any restoration project. It allows you to have a more complete understanding of the costs, the opportunity, the time required, the time spent, and every other data point necessary to run a profitable business.

Simple is not frail. Simple is Powerful

ClientRunner restoration management software is powerfully easy—easy to learn, easy to teach, and easy to use.

That’s just one of the reasons why our customers choose ClientRunner, and it is an important one. No one can afford to spend endless hours training employees to use a new application, only to have them abandon the software because it was too difficult to understand and use.

ClientRunner, on the other hand, was built from the ground up to be as simple as possible to use – without sacrificing any functionality or power. Intuitive software functions means you can get your employees trained and back to work in a short time.

Feature-Rich Software

Even though we like to say that ClientRunner is powerfully easy, that doesn’t mean we are skimping on functionality. Our software has every feature that you are going to need to run a successful restoration construction company.

From task management to automated notifications and history to customization and much more, ClientRunner can do what you need your restoration management software to do.

Our development always has been, and always will have a heavy influence from our customer base. We understand that in order to build a superior restoration management software solution, we must listen to our customers, as they know best. We have a strong history of software improvements and updates, adding new features and capabilities to improve our software and to help you be more successful.

QuickBooks Integration

The integration between ClientRunner and QuickBooks is seamless, automatic and powerful. For example, when you create a job in ClientRunner, it is automatically created in QuickBooks as well; if you enter any payments or invoices in QuickBooks, those payments and invoices are automatically noted in the associated job within ClientRunner for advanced job costing.

The time ClientRunner saves you from having to duplicate entries keeps you more organized and focused on your business.

Email Automation and Management

Another reason to use ClientRunner is our email automation. Our management software automatically creates emails when tasks are created. It also records in the notes history when the email is sent. In fact, you can always see what email was sent, when it was sent, and to whom it was sent.

ClientRunner’s email-automation and management tools are powerful features that not only help you and your employees remain organized and working efficiently, but can also provide critical documentation, helping avoid potential litigation.

Project Management Tools

ClientRunner also has easy notes, to-do lists and dashboard features that further help you to keep your employees organized and on task. With the Schedule View dashboard, you can quickly see all your current restoration and construction projects, to which resources (Estimators, Project Managers, Technicians, etc.) have been assigned, as well as the project’s current status; with the Day View dashboard, you can quickly see which crews and estimators are available, and which crews and estimators are booked.

You can also quickly see critical events that must be completed before other tasks are started. Furthermore, any notes or to-do tasks that you create can be easily and automatically sent to employees to keep them up to date on any changes and focused on the task at hand.

Finally, the project management tools allow you to identify trends among your employees — who is frequently behind on tasks, and who is finishing jobs on time and on budget. All the data is easily accessible, allowing you to make business-critical decisions about your company.

Administrative Controls

As an administrator, you can control what employees can and cannot do with ClientRunner. You can also control what they are able to see and not see. This level of control not only protects your business, but also helps employees stay on task by not overwhelming them with information.

Customer Service

Our customers are raving fans of ClientRunner’s customer care support! You cannot find better support in the restoration management software industry. The wait time is typically zero, and our people are the best. You can send questions or issues via email and typically get a response within minutes.