QuickBooks Integration with ClientRunner

ClientRunner Software offers a robust integration with QuickBooks that allows users to automated financial data transfer for more streamlined daily job costing.

quickbooks-logo The QuickBooks Integration utilizes the QuickBooks Web Connector, an application proved by QuickBooks to allow 3rd-party web-based systems, like ClientRunner, to integrate with QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Web Connector acts as a bridge to receive and send requests between ClientRunner and QuickBooks, ensuring accessibility to data through a secure connection. The Web Connector transfers data on a regular 10-minute interval, meaning that at any time of day ClientRunner has the most up-to-date financial data available, in turn ensuring accurate daily job costing.

By design, the QuickBooks Integration is intended to eliminate tedious double entry between ClientRunner and QuickBooks and ensure accuracy of the data between the two programs. ClientRunner and QuickBooks will work together to sync job and customer records, estimate data, invoice data, payment data, bill records, timesheet records, inventory adjustments, and more.

Take full advantage of the powerful financial integration that ClientRunner offers with QuickBooks!

* The QuickBooks Web Connector does not currently support QuickBooks Online or Desktop versions of QuickBooks for Mac.