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The central idea behind Business Networks is to open up your company to a group of peers in a confidential setting. Members are partnered with non-competing business owners from different regions in the United States and Canada. Together, partners observe and evaluate each other’s companies, learn from each other’s successes, and generate solutions to business problems.

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TotalContentz offers contents restoration consulting and on-site training at your facility to develop a customized contents management system so you can efficiently and profitably process contents with consistency, minimized liabilities and maximum profitability.

The Blog is a disaster-restoration forum for those in the restoration industry. and related consultancy was born out of the desire to continue to support and help disaster mitigation and restoration contractors expand their business and adjust to the dramatic industry changes taking place. No longer can contractors rely on the old “tried and true” methods that have sustained them for so many years.

By applying the Total Systems Approach to contents processing, careful consideration will be made of your current capabilities, facility, equipment and personnel. These factors, along with your business goals, will be combined with recommendations for further growth and profitability.

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The Disaster Restoration Professionals Linkedin group is a networking group for those who are or have been in the disaster restoration industry.

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The Cleaning & Restoration Industry Online Linkedin group is a networking group for those interested in the cleaning and restoration industry.