ClientRunner FAQ

Have questions? Browse our Frequently Asked Questions list to see if you find the answer. If you still have questions, our Sales Team would be more than happy to assist you.

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ClientRunner is integrated with Xactware products, such as XactAnalysis and Xactimate. These integrations with our key partner provide users a more robust experience by reducing double entry and providing a full two-way sync for data in real time. For more information on the Xactware integrations that we offer, see our XactAnalysis Integration page.
ClientRunner is the best Restoration Management Software you will ever use! Built by restoration contractors and designed specifically for the industry, there is no other software that is as simple or powerful in managing your workflow. As an all-in-one solution, you can easily pull together your job management, scheduling, job costing, document storage, contact management, reporting and analytics, and more.

ClientRunner has helped improve the efficiency and profitability of thousands of contractors to date, and more are making the switch to our more powerful and simple software than ever before!
ClientRunner offers brief demos to anyone interested in seeing how they can benefit from a restoration management system. We offer demos over a web conference where you can view our software from the comfort of your own office, ask any questions you may have, and better understand whether our software would be an ideal fit for your company. The demo typically lasts around 45 minutes, but may last longer depending on questions you may have.

To schedule a demo, feel free to contact our sales team.
ClientRunner offers a 14-day free trial to anyone interested in implementing our software in their business. We believe in a ‘try it before you buy it’ mentality so that prospective customers can see how valuable ClientRunner may be to their efficiency and profitability. Our free trials are risk-free, meaning you don’t pay anything up front on a trial until you are ready to move forward.

For a free trial, feel free to contact our sales team.
ClientRunner prefers to offer month-to-month contracts to customers, as it ensures that we work to earn your business back month after month. In addition to this, we find that our customers are generally more comfortable knowing that if they need to leave, whatever the reason, they are not forced to fulfill a long-term agreement.

While we occasionally work out a discount in paying for a full year in advance with some customers, we generally do not offer long-term contracts.
The standard subscription includes up to 10 active users. This means that if a user has been given a username and password, they are considered an ‘active user’. Any additional users above the initial 10 will increase the monthly subscription by $15 per additional user. Special pricing may be made available upon request for companies with a large user-base. Contact Sales for more details.
While ClientRunner provides an elegant solution for your job management, ultimately the data belongs to the customer. You have complete ownership of your data.
To put it simply, no. ClientRunner pricing is based on Active Users, or users with credentials to log in. Many companies will have field employees who do not require access to use our software. For some purposes, such as job costing, it is important that they have an employee file in order for job costing to be applied correctly. In this situation, you would set up a user as an Employee in ClientRunner, but you would set their access level to ‘No Access’, meaning they are an employee with your company, but they do not have credentials to log in. This saves you money, as you do not ultimately pay for users who never use the software.
ClientRunner offers month-to-month subscriptions which give our customers flexibility in their contract. Not only does this motivate us to be more innovative, but it also encourages our team to provide the best customer service in the industry, as we work to keep your business month after month.

While ClientRunner discourages long-term commitments, if you find that you would prefer to prepay a year in advance, we may be willing to offer a pricing discount. Contact our Sales Team for more details.
ClientRunner has gone up and beyond to ensure that our customers’ data is secure and private. Our software is protected in a state-of-the-art data center that has taken advanced measures to protect our servers from attacks, including 24/7 monitoring by system metrics and on-site staff.

Your data is very secure.
Our software is very customizable when it comes to employee access. You can define an employee’s role, such as Estimator, Production Manager, Marketing Representative, etc., and then give them an access level in the software. The access levels range from No Access (such as for field employees), Office Employees, Managers, Admins, and more. Each access level has default privileges in the system, but you can easily add or remove specific privileges to fine-tune what a user can or cannot access or view in the software. It’s never been easier to customize each employee’s access and ensure security and confidentiality in each job file.
ClientRunner Software was the first in the industry to adopt a Cloud-based software solution. With the release of ClientRunner HQ in early 2013, we continue to to lead the industry with the most advanced and secure software available.

Our software product began in 2003 as an internal solution for a successful restoration contractor. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on a server-based approach that was overly-complicated and expensive, he decided to build an approach that would be simple, powerful and affordable for contractors to adopt and use. ClientRunner was built by a restoration contractor and continues to be heavily shaped by our users, not developers that don’t understand the industry; we feel that gives us an advantage to many other solutions available.

It’s not the bells and whistles that meet the needs of prospective customers – it’s the benefit they gain from the software. ClientRunner has many important features that our users depend on in their daily workflow. But even more than that, we provide a powerful solution that our customers can depend on. We provide an easy-to-use experience like no other software in the industry, ensuring that our customers will actually use in the office or in the field.

Lastly, our software is the most affordable restoration management software solution in the industry, hands down! We offer simple month-to-month contracts with low monthly subscriptions and a one-time activation – no unnecessary renewal fees or other questionable fees that are passed on to the customer.

ClientRunner offers 14-day free trials so you can use the software and determine whether or not it is a good fit for your team, no strings attached. For more information, or to request a free demo, contact our Sales team.
We believe that ClientRunner is the most Simple, Powerful and Affordable software solution in the restoration industry, and we do everything we can to help make your experience comfortable. However, if you feel that ClientRunner isn’t the right fit for you, you can contact our Customer Care team at any time to arrange a cancellation. If you require a backup of your data, we can help you obtain that information upon cancellation.
ClientRunner currently offers all the storage you need at our incredibly affordable subscription price. At this time, we do not limit your storage.
“The Cloud” is an internet-based environment that provides anytime, anywhere access to users. Moving to the cloud has become a trend for small business because of the many advantages provided:
  • Accessible: You can access your data anytime, from anywhere, with any device! You never have to worry about leaving important documents in your office, for example, because everything you need will be at your fingertips.
  • Secure: Your data is very secure, housed in state-of-the-art data centers which typically house series of backup protection, ensuring that if a server does go down, your data will not be lost.
  • Immediate Upgrades: Yearly software releases on a disc is a thing of the past; with cloud-based solutions, your software updates are immediate and at no extra cost to you.
  • Affordable: Storing your data in the cloud is significantly cheaper than purchasing in-house servers and hiring IT technicians to maintain them.
ClientRunner Software was the first in the industry to adopt a Cloud-based software solution, and continues to lead the industry with the most advanced and secure software available. When you think of the cloud, think ClientRunner.
ClientRunner offers New Account training for all users, Refresher Training for any users looking to brush up on the software, and New Hire training for any new employees under an existing customer. Trainings are typically organized by positions, as not all employees need training on every aspect of the software. As should be expected, all training is included with your monthly subscription at no additional cost.

Our full trainings typically last around 90-minutes, which is plenty of time to become comfortable with the software. There’s an industry rumor that only a few hours training is not enough, and that many weeks of ongoing training is crucial for success. We argue that if software takes weeks or months to understand, it’s too complex. ClientRunner software is designed to be a powerful and simple solution that can be implemented in a very short timeframe, providing much quicker results and profitability.

To schedule a training, feel free to contact our training team.
ClientRunner offers a QuickBooks Integration for paying customers only; while customers on a free trial may set up their own QuickBooks Integration as outlined in our manual, we do not set up or support the QuickBooks Integration for trial accounts.

The QuickBooks Integration utilizes a tool called the QuickBooks Web Connector that is pre-installed with most versions of QuickBooks. If it is not installed with your version of QuickBooks, you can download it for free from the QuickBooks Web Connector site. The QuickBooks Web Connector sets up a bridge between QuickBooks and a third-party web-based software package, such as ClientRunner. While it is installed on a local computer, it syncs all your data between QuickBooks and ClientRunner at a regular interval. This setup in very stable, and we have successfully helped thousands of users to eliminate double entry and maximize productivity through the integration.

Some of the requirements are that you have a Windows copy of QuickBooks between 2008 and 2013, any version will work (QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, etc.). QuickBooks currently does not support Mac versions of QuickBooks or Online versions of QuickBooks through the integration. Unfortunately, if you use either of these versions, you will be unable to integrate until QuickBooks supports these versions.
ClientRunner is integrated with Google Maps to provide users with a seamless solution for property location and directions. Simple click on the map on any job or contact record and Google Maps will link to the address (if an address is provided). Users may then view the map in various formats and also get turn-by-turn directions to their desired location.
ClientRunner is currently integrated with XactAnalysis, Xactimate, Dri-Plan (water mitigation app), QuickBooks, Business Networks (business consulting) and Google Maps. We have several other integrations scheduled for later this year.

While software integrations with partners in and out of the industry take a considerable amount of time on our end to develop, they often bring a great benefit to our customers. While we have a lot of interest in integrating with some key partners in 2015, we cannot always accommodate all integration requests. Some factors that may affect whether or not we decide to integrate are the number of our customers using the potential integration partner, the position in the industry, the ultimate benefit that the integration would bring to our users in the long run, and more.

If you are interested in recommending an integration partner, let us know so that we may research their company and the ultimate benefit that it would bring to our users.